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PDA-USA is always looking for young athletes who want to excel in life and athletics. Whether you are a diver, gymnast, or just want to increase your athletic abilities there is always room in our family of athletes. We take pride in our ability to train students to be smarter, stronger, and better with their athletic abilities. Join our family today and gain your competitive edge!




Awesome Updates!


October 29, 2014 


North State Times

Friday, November 7
Session 1: Level 5 ages 8, 9, 10 and 12 Open Warm Up: 12:00 p.m.
Session 2: Level 5 ages 11 and 13+ Open Warm Up: 3:35 p.m.
Session 3: Level 4 ages 11B, 12, and 13+ Open Warm Up: 6:15 p.m.

Saturday, November 8
Session 4: Level 4 age 10 Open Warm Up: 8:00 a.m.
Session 5: Level 4 age 9 Open Warm Up: 11:15 a.m.
Session 6: Level 4 ages 7, 8, and 11A Open Warm Up: 2:30 p.m.
Session 7: Level 3 ages 10B, 11, and 12+ Open Warm Up: 5:45 p.m.

Sunday, November 9
Session 8: Level 3 ages 6, 8A, and 8B Open Warm Up: 8:00 a.m.
Session 9: Level 3 ages 8C, 8D, and 10A Open Warm Up: 11:15 a.m.
Session 10: Level 3 age 9 Open Warm Up: 2:30 p.m.
Session 11: Level 3 age 7 Open Warm Up: 5:30 p.m.


State competition will be held at the beautiful Long Beach Convention Center in Hall B. 
The Convention Center address is 300 E. Ocean Blvd. Long Beach 90802

October 28, 2014 



Level 3's 

Photo: Level 3s at sectionals!



Allie 7.95

Kara 8.15

Mahea 8.55

Sophia 8.7

Claire 7.2 

Jasmin  8.7

Alyssa 7.85


Mahea 8.9
Sophia 8.6

Claire 8.5

Kara 8.675

Alyssa 8.55
Jasmine 7.95
Ally 7.625


Mahea 9.375
Sophia 9.05
Claire 8.15
Jasmine 9.1
Alyssa 8.95
Allie 8.925
Kara 8.85



Claire 6.65
Jasmin 7.15

Alyssa 7.25
Allie 7.65

Mahea 8.0
Sophia 8.125
Kara 8.625

Mahea 6th place on vault!

Photo: Mahea 6th place on vault!


Level 4's 


Photo: 2nd session getting ready


Zoe 9.025
Kailey 8.725
Kaitlyn 9.225
Neomi 7.575
Nile 8.725


Zoe 8.9
Kailey 8.5
Kaitlyn 9.45
Neomi 9.325
Nile 9.2

Kailey 8.6
Kaitlyn 9.1
Neomi 8.5
Nile 9.35
Zoe 7.15

Naomi 8.3
Nile 9.2

Zoe 9.4

Kailey 8.9
Kaitlyn 9.425


Level 5's 

Photo: Beauties!

Noelle 9.3
Maddy 8.9
Camryn 9.125
Ena 8.65
Kiki 8.15 (fall)


Madison  8.675

Photo: Floor 8.675

Camryn 8.275

Photo: Camryn 8.275


Ena 8.475

Photo: Ena 8.475


Kiki 8.475

Noelle 9.05

Photo: Noelle 9.05

Ena 8.85
Kiki 8.475
Noelle 9.175
Maddy 9.025
Camryn 9.425

Kiki 7.75
Noelle 8.65
Maddy 9.05
Camryn 9.2
Ena 7.85

Madison sweeps medals in level 5 13&up age group




Day 2 sectionals level 4s!

Photo: Day 2 sectionals level 4s!


Hannah 8.7
Oli 8.6
Sam 8.75

Olivia 8.5
Sam 8.55
Hannah 8.475

Sam 9.25
Hannah 8.3 (fall)
Oli 8.15 (fall)

Sam 8.975
Hannah 8.1
Oli 8.175


Photo: Next group ready to go

Ava 8.85
Jada 8.9
Crystal 9.15
Mia 9.025
Matea 8.45
Lara 8.4

Crystal 8.975
Mia 8.25
Matea 8.925
Lara 7.95
Ava 8.65
Jada 9.15

Matea 8.75
Lara 8.875
Ava 9.25
Jada 9.45
Crystal 7.1
Mia 8.775

Ava 9.05
Jada 8.9
Crystal 8.25
Mia 8.55
Matea 8.35
Lara 7.7

Ava and Jada rocked the podium!

Matea rocked the podium

Photo: Matea rocked the podium!





September 10,2014


Jamba Juice at PDA USA 

Hey families on Saturday Sept. 20th and Sept. 27th Jamba Juice

will be here at the gym. They will be selling Strawberry whril and Five Fruit Frenzy.

they will be selling the 12oz. for only $3

They will be here from 10am - 12pm

If your gymnast is in class they can purchase and leave in our freezer until their class is over. 

20% of the sales goes towards fundraising for the gym i.e. new equipment 



September 6-7, 2014 

Judges Cup 

All Around: 34.775
Vault: 8.725
Bars: 8.650
Beam: 8.575
Floor: 8.825

All Around: 33.950
Vault: 8.475
Bars: 8.175
Beam: 8.725
Floor: 8.575

All Around: 32.075
Vault: 8.225
Bars: 7.475
Beam: 8.350
Floor: 8.025

All Around: 32.725
Vault: 8.350
Bars: 7.300
Beam: 8.625
Floor: 8.450

All Around: 35.375
Vault: 9.100
Bars: 8.825
Beam: 8.850
Floor: 8.600

All Around: 35.150
Vault: 9.025
Bars: 8.625
Beam: 9.100
Floor: 8.400

Mckaella 10 vault, 7th bars, 9th AA 

Noelle 9th vault, 10th bars, 4th beam, 9th AA 

Camryn 9th bars, 10th Floor 

Maddie 1st Bars, 3rd Floor, AA 3rd




August 24, 2014

PDA gymnasts level 3,4,5 @ future champions meet! 


August 23, 2014 

PDA Divers at Novice Nationals!

Results 8-9 girls


Isabella Chen = gold
Annie Deng = silver
Jeanelle Vigil = 5th

12-13 girls

Camille La haye = bronze
Nayelly Ledesma = 4th

Nicholas 5th place!



AJ Bronze

Photo: AJ bronze!


Christina 2nd 1m

Photo: Christina 2nd 1m!  



 August 6, 2014

Junior Nationals

Adrianne and Alyson syncro 3m 19th

Janicia and Lizzie syncro 3m 28th


July 31,2014

Age group Nationals

Preliminary Luke 9th

Adriane 12th on 1m

 Luke Huang 6th 11& under boys 1m final

Final Adraine 7 th at age groups 1m

Luke 9th at Age groups!

Janicia 24th! 



July 27, 2014

 AAU Nationals

Rebekah 3rd

Wella 4th 3m

Aaron and Prestin sycro champions

Prestin 3m champ


Finals 3m

Rebekah 4th Wella 9th

May 6, 2014

Adult Open Gym wednesday night has changed it is from 8pm - 10pm. 

$5 at the door 

see you at the gym 

April 13, 2014 


Gymnastics Regionals 

Hailey great start 9.15 beam 9.25 floor!

Hailey 9.375 vault!

Hailey 8.95 bars ally 9.35

Hailey was 7 th in AA!!



 Crown Valley Novice Invite

Camille wins 1st in her 1m event!!


Sid wins 1st!


Ayana 5th!


Isabella 1st place 1m!!

Annie Deng 4th on the 1m!



Here are the results:


Isabella- 1st 1m

Annie- 4th 1m, 3rd 3m

Henry- 5th 1m


10-11 event

Ayana- 3rd 1m, 5th 3m

Natalie- 10th 1m

Davis- 7th 1m


12-13 event

Camille-1st 1m

Kaylin- 7th 1m

Raymond- 2nd 1m


14-18 event

Sidney- 2nd 1m, 1st 3m

Kayci- 1st 1m

Jane- 3rd 1m

Ryan- 1st 3m

AJ- 1st 1m


April 13, 2014


Senior divers janicia and alejandra in Tallahassee Florida for the World Syncronized Diving Trails held at Florida State University!

10th place at world cup synchro trials!!!!


  • March 29, 2014 

 PDA USA Gymnastics level 6 and 7s at the state meet in Ventura


Shelby- 9.5

Jeanelle- 8.6

Shelby- 8.675
Jeanelle- 9.6


Shelby- 8.85
AA 36.1 qualifier to regionals

Jeanelle- 9.575
36.5 AA regional qualifier


Shelby 5th bars


Jeanelle is the level 7 state floor champion!!!









  • March 9, 2014

    Region 9 Championship

    Results of day 1 :

    Abby11& under 3m 9th
    Alyson 14-15 3m 10th
    Adriane 14-15 3m 11th
    Alejandra 16-18 1m 5th- NATIONAL QUALIFIER
    Janicia 16-18 1m 20th
    Monique 16-18 1m 22nd
    Rebekah 16-18 1m 26th
    Chrysoula 16-18 1m 41st
    Alyssa 16-18 1m 44th
    *16-18 girls had 57 total in the event! All did a great job!

    Resuts of day 2:

    Abby 11&under 1m 5th- NATIONAL QUALIFIER

    16-18 girls 3m
    Alejandra 6th -NATIONAL QUALIFIER
    Janicia 10th
    Rebekah 16th
    Alyssa 32nd
    Monique 44th
    Chrysoula 50th

    14-15 girls 1m
    Adriane 7th
    Alyson 8th

    Boys are up in the 11&under 3m

    Boys 14-15 1m
    Aaron 7th
    Prestin 11th

    Day 3 boys 11 & under 1m

    Luke 8th





    February 23, 2014

    Gymnasts at LA convention Center


    February 23, 2014

    For the Love of Diving 

     Eva  1m :3rd  3m:4th

    Ayana 1m:2nd. 3m:4th

    Davis 1m:1st.

    Raymond 1m:1st. 3m:2nd


    Sydney 3rd 1m


    Karly 2nd 1m


    Ryan N placed 6th on 1m and won 3m


    Janicia 1m 3rd place 3m champion

    Ale and Janice's 1st syncro 3m


    Luke Huang double gold



    February 16, 2014 

    The Long Beach Open

    at the Long Beach Convention center!


    Lizzie 8.2 fall 
    Jeanelle 9.250
    Karina 8.325 fall
    Shelby 7.050 2falls

    Ariana 9


    Ariana bars 8.750


    Karina 8.4

    Shelby floor 8.55

                                                                                                                                        Jeanelle floor 9.050


    Ariana 8.75





    February 11, 2014 

    Parents Night Out is This Saturday  

    If you were unable to go out with your significant other on Valentine's day,

    Drop your kids off at PDA Saturday night and go out and enjoy a romantic evening


    February 15, 2014 


    Time: 6:30pm – 10:30


    No membership required. Sign up and pay by 2pm


    Each child, ages 3-13 will receive 2 pieces of pizza and a drink. 


    Price before 2pm: 

    $15 per child / $10 sibling

    Family Rate $40


    At the door:

    $20 per child/ $15 sibling

    Family Rate $50




    February 11, 2014

    PDAs summer camp info is out!!!


    Click on the classes, program, & events tab. Then click on view our camps

    We will be having 9 weeks of summer camp this year!

    All outings will be on Wednesdays!

    Knotts Berry Farm, Aquarium of the Pacific, Santa Ana Zoo, Discovery Center and many more!

    Every Friday they will be heading to the Cerritos Regional Park Pool for a day of swimming!!

    Camp will start June 23 rd and end August 22!


    January 28, 2014

    Chloe Kim gets 2nd in x games! She learned her tricks on PDAs Chinese trampoline!

    Check her out with the link below

    January 25-26, 2014

    PDA Winter Invitational Meet

    PDA placed 2nd out of 14 teams! Great job!

    January 15, 2014

    ALOHA FEST 2014


    Audrey vault 7.7 bars 8 beam 8.4 floor 8.35 32.45
    Noelle vault 8.85 bars 8.6 beam 9.425 floor 9.4- 36.275
    Kiki vault 8.6 bars 8.9 beam 9.2 floor 8.8 -35.5
    Mckaella vault 8.8 bars 9.2 beam 9.375 floor 9.1- 36.475

    Level 4 9-10 AA champion Mckaella Jarvis! Kiki Iuli 3rd!

    Level 4 11&u AA Champion Noelle Cunanan!!

    Level 4 8&u 5th Audrey Huang!!

    Level 5s

    Camille vault 9.125 bars 9.1 beam 8.5 floor 8.7- 35.425
    Jasmin vault 9.3 bars 8.9 beam 9.15 floor 9- 36.35

    Level 5s AA champion asmine Casica

    2nd Camille La Haye! 

    Level 8

    Ally beam 8.6 fall on back walk over backhanspring

    Ally 9.3 floor!

    Vault 8.9! Yuchenko tuck

    Bars ally 8.725 fall on half turn

    Ally 7th vault 5th bars 5th beam 2nd floor! AA 4th!

    Level 6

     Ariana vault 9.1 Bars 9.1!

     beam 9.15 floor 8.6
    AA 4 th place

    Level 7

    Jeanelle 3rd vault bars 4th beam 5th floor 2nd AA 4th!!!

    Shelby vault 2nd bars 10 th
    Beam 9th floor 7th floor AA 7th

    Lizzie vault 4th bars 2nd beam 1st floor 4th AA- 2nd

    Hailey vault 1st bars 1st beam 4th floor 1st AA - 1st

    Karina vault 12th bars 4 th beam 12 th floor was a scratch 



    For more pictures look at our facebook page


    January 10, 2014

    PDAs optional gymnasts kick off their season starting this Friday in Costa Mesa at Team OC with level 7s Hailey

    Markes, Lizzie Preza and Ally Kwan at 12:30pm! Followed by our level 6s Saturday morning 8 am jeanelle Vigil,

    Shelby Wright, karina Gomez, Ariana Mendoza!

    Lets go girls!


    Level 7

     Floor: Hailey 9.2, ally 9.15, Lizzie 8.85 

    Vault: Ally 9.45, Hailey 9.4, lizzie 9.2


    Bars: Ally 9.05, Hailey 8.9, Lizzie (7.125) fall on bars


    Beam: ally 9.275, Hailey 9.2, Lizzie 8.9


    Ally won beam and AA Hailey won bars beam and AA Lizzie 5th on beam 9th vault 8th AA! Amazing job

    Ally was in Senior A group

    Hailey and Lizzie senior B group!


    Level 6


     Beam: Ariana 9.35, Jeanelle 9.225, Karina 9.0, Shelby 8.975


    Floor: Jeanelle 9.45, Shelby 8.6, Karina 8.225, Ariana 8.725 


    Vault:  Shelby 8.85, Karina 8.475, Jeanelle 8.6, Ariana 8.45


    Bars:  Karina 8.550, Shelby 7.9,  Jeanelle 8.55,  Ariana 8.3


    Ariana wins beam!

    Jeanelle wins beam and AA 2nd on bars and floor and 7th on vault!

    Karina 7th on beam and bars!

    Shelby 5th on vault!




    December 21st 

    Senior Nationals !!!!!!!

    Ale and Janicia 10th  place Senior National Finals 

    Rebecca and Monique 11 th place Senior Nationals!

    We are so proud of you girls! 

    December 17th

    PDA will be closed December 23, 24, & 25

    We will open again from the 26th - 30th

    We will be closed Dec 31 & Jan 1


    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    December 17th


    PDA would like to welcome Jean DePina to our coaching staff, where she will be helping out with our Level 3 team.
    Jean comes to us through her daughter Abby who is a current level 5 / optional team member. 
    Jean lives in Seal Beach and has three daughters, all of which she tried to spark the gymnastic bug in.  The eldest chose ballet, the middle daughter chose Soccer – but she finally got her gymnast with Abby.    Jean was a competitive club gymnast and received a gymnastic scholarship to Long Beach State. When she came back to school for her junior year, the coach sat the team down and said that the school had dropped the gymnastics program.   Jean knew she was not yet done with the sport, so she gave up her scholarship at CSULB and transferred to University California Santa Barbara, she joined the team as a walk-on and ended up holding the Floor score record for the two years that she competed with UCSB.     
    Jean has also created an innovative exercise program for preschool kids in Long Beach –which introduces kids at a young age to a multiple of different sports and the importance of healthy habits.
    Jean has coached all levels of gymnastics for years –but as a busy mom has not been able to find the time for coaching.     Recently – she found the extra time that she was looking for when her 16 year old began to drive herself to Ballet practice. 
    Jean’s passion for gymnastics and her love of kids makes coaching at PDA a great fit for her.


    December 7th

    San Diego State Meet

    Ryan 1m 1st

    Abigail 3m 2nd

    Evah 3m 4th

    Robert 1m 4th

    Luke 1m 1st

    Chase 1m 4th

    AJ 2nd place

    Ryan 3m 1st

    Ayana 1m 2nd

    Abby 1m 3rd

    Chrysoula 1m 11th.

    Alyssa 1m 14th

    Cathrine 1m 3rd

    Preston 3m 3rd

    November 27th

    State Competition!!!!

    Jeanelle 2013 level 5 state champion on Beam!!!!

    Shelby 8.525 ( fall on beam)

    Camille beam 8.125

     Jasmin beam 9.25

    Nayelly beam 8.4

    Jasmin floor 9.1

    Shelby floor 8.75

    Nayelly floor 8.75

    Camille floor 8.175

    Bars: Shelby 9.525 jasmin 9 Nayelly 8 Camille 8.225

    Vault: Camille 9.05 jasmin 9.4 Shelby 9.4 Nayelly 9.2

    Shelby state champion on bars!!! 9.525

    Noelle vault 8.475 bars 8.875 beam 8.3 floor 9.5. Angelica vault 8.8 bars 8.325 beam 9.35. Congrats to Angelica for placing 3rd on beam and Noelle for placing 5th on floor!

    Level 4 beam: Kiki 7.3 Abby 8.8 Mc Kaella 9.225!!

    Floor: Abby 9.45 Kiki 9.05 Mc Kaella 9.225

    Vault: Abby 8.3 Kiki 8.925 mc Kaella 9.35

    Bars: Abby 9.6 Kiki 8.8 Mckaella 8.85(missed kip high bar)

    Abby 3 rd on bars and 6th on floor!

    Mckaella 6th on vault and 7 th on beam!

    Bars: Audrey 8.050 Ena 8.65

    Beam: Audrey 8.3 (fall on cartwheel) Ena 8.95

    Floor: Ena 8.875 Audrey 8.75

    Vault: Audrey 8.1 Ena 8.4

    Floor: Maddy 9.325 Barbra 8.525 Mia 9.05

    Vault: Maddy 9.2 Barbra 8.9 Mia 9.2

    Barbara 7.95
    Mia 7.45
    Mady 8.8

    Mady 9.275
    Barbara 8.5
    Mia 8.7

    Mia and Madison tied for tenth on vault. Mia was tenth on beam. Madison was third on beam and seventh on floor.
    Maddy was 6th in AA! Great job PDA

    Matea 8.8 Ava 8.625!

    Matea 8.75
    Ava 9.1!

    Matea 9.05
    Ava 9.125

    Mates 9.125
    Ava 9.55

    State results!
    Matea 9th on bars!
    Ava 2nd on vault!
    Ava 7th on beam!
    Ava 8th AA!
    Great job girls

    Olivia 9.525
    Zoe 9.025
    Hannah 9.325
    Samantha 9.4

    Olivia 8.55
    Zoe 7
    Hannah 8.825
    Sam 8.025

    Hannah 9.05
    Sam 9.325
    Olivia 9.025
    Zoe 8.925

    Olivia 9.2
    Hannah 9.075
    Sam 9.025!

    Olivia 3rd on vault

    Hannah 10th on beam

    Samantha 5th on beam

    Jada vault 9.375

    Jada bars 9.25

    Jada Beam 9.0

    Jada floor 9.6

    Jada bars 9th place!

    Jada floor 4th place

    Jada 9th place AA with 37.225!

    Emily Floor: 9.050 Vault: 9.1 Bars: 5.8 with fall Beam: 7.7 with 2 falls.







    November 20th


    PDA will be closed November 28th for Thanksgiving.

    Classes will start again Friday November 30th.


    November 11

    McCormick Meet

    9 & unders

    1m. Isabella 1.

    Annie 2.

    Evah 13.

    Ayana 5!


    Ryan 3m 2.

    1m Cathrine 11.

    Abby  2.

    Luke 2.


    Preston 7 th on 1m!

    DAY 2

    1m Robert 9th

    3m Isabella 1st

    Annie 3rd

    Abby 3rd

    AJ 1st

    Luke 2nd

    Alyssa 1st novice 3m!

    Rebekah 17th

    Alyssa 19th



    November 9

    State Qualifying Meet



    All level 3 qualify to state!! Congrats!!

    Jada vault 8.85, bars 9.1, beam 8.925, floor 8.925, AA 35.8

    Samantha vault 8.7, bars 8.1, beam 9.025, floor 8.574, AA 34.5

    Zoe vault 8.75, bars 6.8, beam 8.475, floor 8.675, AA 32.7

    Hannah vault 8.9, bars 8.175, beam 8.3, floor 8.875, AA 34.25

    Olivia vault 8.975, bars 8.1, beam 9.15, floor 8.5, AA 34.725

    Mia vault 8.775, bars 7.65, beam 9.25, floor 9.15, AA 34.825

    Barbara vault 8.9, bars 8.45, beam 8.725, floor 8.6, AA 34.675

    Madison vault 9.375, bars 8.875, beam 8.15, floor 9.25, AA 35.6


    Ava vault 8.75, bars 8.4, beam 8.175, floor 9.05, AA 34.375

    Matea vault 8.925, bars 7.95, beam 8.1, floor 9.024, AA 34.0

    Emily vault 8.4, bars 7.25, beam 8.55, floor 8.55, AA 32.75!



    Level 4 sectional scores! All made state!! Congrats

    McKaella, All Around 35.250, Vault 8.725, Bars  8.800, Beam 8.500, Floor 9.225

    Kiki All Around 33.7, Vault  7.9, Bars  8.575, Beam  8.55, Floor  8.675

    Ena All Around 33.925, Vault 8.05, Bars 8.35, Beam 9.1, Floor:  8.425

    Audrey All Around 32.375, Vault 7.75, Bars 8.025, Beam 8.6, Floor:  8.0

    Abby All Around 35.475, Vault 8.35, Bars 8.975, Beam 9.2, Floor 8.95

    Angelica All Around  35.625, Vault 8.575, Bars, 8.8, Beam 9.05, Floor 9.2


    Noelle: vault 8.3 bars 8.4 beam 9.1 floor 8.65


    Level 5 results! Everyone made state! All PDA in great weekend PDA gymnasts!

    Jeanelle: vault 9.125 bars 8.65 beam 9.275 floor 8.95 AA 36

    Shelby: vault 9.2 bars 9.5 beam 8.925 floor 9.050 AA 36.675

    Ariana: vault 9.1 bars 8.95 beam 9.225 floor 9.3 AA 36.575

    Nayelly: vault 9.3 bars 7.5 beam 8.075 floor 8.4 AA 33.275

    Camille: vault 8.6 bars 8.2 beam 7.1 floor 8.65 AA 32.55

    Jasmine: vault 8.85 bars 9.075 beam 8.5 floor 9.075 AA 35.5


    November 5


    Halloween winners
    1st place Liam castellon- batman
    2nd place Mahea Iuli- ice princess
    3rd place Abby Depina- scream



    October 20

    Great Day Yesterday at PDA
    Future Champions Invitational!
    Parents gymnasts friends staff came together and ran a fantastic gymnastics meet! Thank you to all our families who worked tireless hours to make this a great success! We had major complements from other teams and Judges how great the meet was!! PDA competed amazingly Level 3s and 4s won Team 2nd place and level 5s took 3rd as a team! So much fun to see these girls shine and do amazing! Our future is bright with these youngsters! Again a big Thank You from PDA!!!

    October 19

    Crown Valley

    Congratulations divers!!

    AJ gets1st on 14-18 boys 1m novice 

    Alyssa in her first meet with PDA getting 1st on 14-18 girls 3m!!!!

    Ale and Monique take 1st and 2nd on 3m at crown valley!

    1m. Alejandra 1st.

    Monique 6th.

    Alyssa 14th.

    Sabrina 15th

    October 18


    There will be no open gym tonight due to the competition tomorrow


    October 15

    Halloween is near!

    Wear your costume to PDA and receive a treat oct. 24 th - 30 th!

    We will have a contest for the best costume with a 1st - 3 rd prize given on Nov. 1!

    Stay tuned for more details!



    October 6

    Team OC comeptition

    Level 5 gets 3rd place


    Level 3's




    September 22

    Judges Cup:


    Level 5's get 3rd place !!!!


    Level 3's & 4's


    Some of the scores:

    Abby De Pina:

    All Around:  34.625
    Vault:  7.750
    Bars:  8.500
    Beam:  9.375 
    Floor:  9.000


    Scores for Angelica Munguia:

    All Around:  34.875
    Vault:  8.675
    Bars:  8.150
    Beam:  8.900
    Floor:  9.150


    Scores for Audrey Huang:

    All Around:  31.225
    Vault:  7.350
    Bars:  7.550
    Beam:  8.525
    Floor:  7.800


    Scores for April Shavelle:

    Beam:  8.675



    Scores for Ena Pejovski:

    All Around:  34.200
    Vault:  8.050
    Bars:  8.850
    Beam:  9.125
    Floor:  8.175


    Kiki qualifies for Sectionals!!
    Scores for Kaiulani Luli:

    All Around:  34.700
    Vault:  8.300
    Bars:  8.800
    Beam:  8.700
    Floor:  8.900


    Scores for McKaella Jarvis:

    All Around:  36.100
    Vault:  8.900
    Bars:  8.825
    Beam:  8.900
    Floor:  9.475


    Scores for Noelle Cunanan:

    All Around:  34.450
    Vault:  8.100
    Bars:  8.000
    Beam:  9.400
    Floor:  8.950




    September 15


    Hang Ten Invite Day 1

    Level 3 1st session gymnasts at the Hang 10 invite! They all qualified for sectionals!!

    Ava 33.325

    Jada 35.15

    Matea 31.8

    Olivia 5th AA 34.5

    Samantha 8th AA 33.3

    Hannah 10th AA 32.8

    Zoe 12th AA 31.45

    Madison 3rd AA 35.45

    Barbara AA 33.1

    Yazmeen AA 32.975

    Mia 32.675


    Emily scratched bars.. AA 25.325


    August 30, 2013

    PDAs summer national champions!!!





    August 13,2013


    We are having Parents Night Out


     This Saturday Aug 17th, 2013


    Time: 6:30pm – 10:30 pm 


    No membership required.


    Sign up and pay by 2pm


    Each child, ages 3-13, will receive 2 pieces of pizza and a drink.


    Price before 2pm:


    $15 per child / $10 sibling


    Family Rate $40


    At the door:


    $20 per child/ $15 sibling


    Family Rate $50 


    * dont forget to bring extra money to buy a snack at the snack bar   


    August 10, 2013

    Junior Nationals


    Good Job Alejandra!!! 26th on 3m!



    10th place finish!!!!!




    August 6, 2013

    Great job Ryan 29th in the country 11&under event  6 yrs old youngest in contest!


    August 1, 2013

    Age Group Nationals in Minnesota

    Luke 20th on 3m!!!

    Adrianne silver medal at age groups!!!

    Alyson 4 th!!

    Congratulations to Janicia Ng for getting a spot in Age Group Nationals!!!




    July 29,2013

    We are having Parents Night Out this

    Saturday Aug 3rd, 2013

    Time: 6:30pm – 10:30 pm 

    No membership required. Sign up and pay by 2pm

    Each child, ages 3-13, will receive 2 pieces of pizza and a drink.

    Price before 2pm:

    $15 per child / $10 sibling

    Family Rate $40

    At the door:

    $20 per child/ $15 sibling

    Family Rate $50


    * dont forget to bring extra money to buy a snack at the snack bar


    July 29, 2013

    Our new ad!!



    July 23-28, 2013

    AAU National Championships!!




    Luke in 3rd place after prelims, going to finals

    Chase in 3rd place after prelims, going to finals

    Ryan 2nd after prelims going in to finals



     Luke gets 2nd on 1m!!!!!!!


    Ryan is the  AAU Nationals 9 & under National Champion on 1m !!!



    Day 2 of AAU:

    Luke 3m CHAMPION!!!!!


    Ryan 2nd on 3m!!!!!


    The youngest boys synchro team finished 3rd!!!!



    Day 4

    Jaleal 2nd in 1m!!!!

    Aaron 3rd in 3m!!!!


    Day 5

    Janicia Ng 4th

    Rebekah Dominik 6th on 1m!!!!


    LEXI GEIGER 18 yr 1M!!!!!!!


    AARON AUGUSTINE 14yr 1M!!!!!!!!!!!


    * Aaron and Chase got 2nd on boys synchro!!!!

    *Lexi/Janicia 6th, Rebekah/Monique 14th, Chrysoula/Hailey 29th out of 40 teams


    Final day #6!!


    Chrysoula Gatsios 29th

    Monique Demaisip24th

     Will Moon 15th in 1m!!!!!!!!!!


    Rebekah Dominik 8th

    Janicia Ng 7th in 3m!!!!


    Lexi 5th on 3m!!!!




    Rebekah Dominik Monique Demaisip 4th on synchro 3m!!!

    Will and Luke got 9th!!!


    Total tally : 4 National Champions, 5 silvers, 2 bronze and 21 top 10 finishes!!!!! PDA ROCKS!!!!!!!




    July 18, 2013

    PDA USA is proud to announce we have been award by

    the United States Olympic Committee/USA Diving the official Regional Dryland Facility!

    July 11, 2013


    DAY 1 of Zone Championship.


     Adrianne 18th


    Allyson 20th


    chase 18th!




    Day 2 of Zone Championship


    Ryan Augustine, our 6 yr old, makes nationals in a 11 & under event!


    Luke Huang places 15 th


    Alyson 10th Adriane 11th both qualifying to age group nationals!


    Boys 1m. Aaron 21. Preston 22.




    Day 3 of Zone Championship


    Luke Huang qualifies for nationals


    Ale makes nationals! Great job Rebecca and Janicia!!



    June 9th, 2013

     Region 10 in Portland




    Regional Updates

    Luke got 5th and Ryan got 8th place

    12-13 year old girls Adrianne 2nd and Alyson 4th on 3 meter

    16-18 girls 1 meter Alejandra 9th and Janicia 10th

    Aaron places 8th on the 3 meter in the 14-15 age group

    2nd day

    Andrianne Tam is your Region 10 1m Champion!!! Alyson got 5th and Luke 7th!

    Chase 9 th on 12-13 boys 1m

    Aaron 10th, Janicia 9th, Alejandra 10th



    May 22, 2013

    Great meet PDA! Thank you parents coaches and gymnasts for all your hard work! Our 1st meet was a great success!




    May 5, 2013

    What's new in May?


    Cardio, strength, and flexibility class for Adults! Get yourself toned up and in shape for summer!

    Class taught by Coach Melinda

    Monday nights 8:30-9:30

    $5 at door! No registration needed ages 14& up!


    Cardio, strength, and flexibility

    (ages 7-13)

    class is a supplemental class to help athletes

    get additional strength and flexibility needed for their sport!


    $40 a month ... $20 a month if PDA Team member! New additional  Time for jamin Gymnast Thursday 4:30-5:25 (There is an awesome at same time if you are looking for same time )

    May 1, 2013

    Check out the Spring/Summer issue of Kids Guide:


    April 3, 2013

    PDA will be hosting a dive meet:

    PDA USA Summer Invitational

    June 1st & 2nd 2013

    It will be held at La Mirada Auqatic Center

    To enter please sign up on Dive Meet. $30 per event


    April 3, 2013 

    Save The Date 

    This year PDA will be holding two different weeks of competitive camp. 

    Week 1; July 22nd  - July 26th with the outing at Knotts Berry Farm

    Week 2; Aug 5th – Aug 9th with the outing at Splash

    $250.00 Per week and a 10% off siblings rate

    $50 off for both weeks

    Price includes a PDA logo Leo (1 per student) and a PDA t-shirt (1per student to be worn on outing).

    Competitive camp is for PDA Team members only! Camp is designed to accelerate upper level skills and prefect upcoming routines for compulsory/ optional season. With USAG changing all routines and our coaches not learning the new stuff until June, camp is a great way for the gymnast to understand fully the new requirements and routines to get the highest score possible.

    Gaby and Frank didn’t want to go back to back due to gymnast’s exhaustion. They feel separate weeks will provide performance! Highly recommend for everyone to at least attend 1 week of camp 

    Please reserve your spot today with t-shirt and Leo sizes! No payment needed until June 24th.

    All gymnasts must reserve their spot and pay by June 24th due to t-shirt and Leo orders.



    April 3, 2013

    Save The Date 

    This year PDA will be holding 1 week of Pre-competitive camp.

    For Beginners, Mini team, Pre-team (Girls Only)

    July 29th - Aug 2nd 9am – 3pm with outing at Aquarium of the Pacific on Tuesday (parents may attend, but must pay separate).

    $200.00 and a 10% off siblings rate.

    Price includes a PDA t-shirt (1per student to be worn on outing) + a Camp Leo.

    This camp is designed to expedite skills needed to become a competitive level gymnast!

    Please reserve your spot today with t-shirt + leo size! No payment needed until June 24th.

    All gymnasts must reserve their spot and pay by June 24th due to t-shirt + leo orders.

    March 26,2013

    Summer camp schedule will be passed out this week! We have 8 weeks of great themed camps! Ages 3-13! Reserve your spot today!


    March 25,2013

    Coming in April more times and days for tumble class/round off backhand spring and jamin gymnastics classes!

    Spring camp starts next week! Walk ins welcome! Check out our camp info on! Camp is for ages 3-13! 

    PDA will be closed Easter Sunday! Have a great day with family and friends!

    We have a new spring collection of Leo's! Come in and check them out!


    March 17,2013

    Day Two

    Event 1 (12-13 girls 3m)

    Adrianne 7th Alyson 12th! Great job ladies!


    Event 2 (16-18 girls)

    Alejandra Gomez 11th

    Janicia 17th

    Rebekah 20th

    Lexi 21st

    Monique and crysoula did great just missed making top 24 cut out of 45 girls!

    Great job PDA!


    3rd event (14-15 Boys 1m)

    Aaron 12th

    Prestin 14th

     Will 22nd 3m!

    Great job boys


    4th and final event

    Ryan gets 3rd and qualifies for USA Nationals in the 11 & under event ( he is 6 yrs old! ) amazing! 

    Luke places 9 th!! Great job boys!


    March 16, 2013

       Regionals Day 1 girls 

    Adrianne 8th and Alyson 16th 12-13 girls 1m! 

    Ale Gomez 6th 16-18 girls qualifying for USA Nationals in San Antonio Texas on 1m!

    Janicia 12th

    Lexi 23rd

    Rebecca 27th

    Chrysoua 28th

    Monique 47th

    There were 65 girls which made it a 5 hr contest! So proud of our PDA girls! Way to fight!



    March 15,2013

    Regionals for the divers this weekend! Top 6 in each event goes to Nationals! Lets go PDA!!!




    February 15, 2013

    Come Join PDA for our meet May 18th - 19th, 2013


  • January 26,2013

Great first day of diving!!!!

Lexi Geiger- 16-18 Girls 1m
Jaleal Bennet- 14-15 Boys 3m
Aaron Augustine- 14-15 Boys 3m
Adriane Tam- 12-13 Girls 1m




  • January 23, 2013

Come Join PDA for ...


  • January 15, 2013

PDA's Winter Diving Invitational is January 26-27th at the Cerritos Olympic Swim Center from 9 a.m - 3 p.m

  • January 2, 2013

 Open Gym and Parkour Night tonight

Open Gym: 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Parkour Night: 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm

$10 for both times or $5 dollars for one

  • December 26,2012

Wewill be having Open Gym and Parkour Night tonight

Open Gym: 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Parkour Night: 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm

$10 for both times or $5 dollars for one

  • December 5, 2012


Dec. 26,27, & 28th 2012 and Jan 2,3, & 4th 2013

Full day: 9am-5pm

Half- day: 9am - 1pm or 12pm -5 pm

Great Activities ALL DAY LONG!

Gymnastics, Arts and Crafts, Sports Games, Lots, lots more!


One Session (3 Days of Camp) = $90/ each session

Both Session (6 Total Days of Camp) = $150

Daily Rate (Full Day) = $35

Daily Rate (Half Day) = $20

Extended Care AM (7:30 - 9am) = $7

Extended Care PM (5-6) = $5

*participants are required to bring lunch every day , or purchase lunch from the snack bar.


  • November 30 th - December 2nd

Great job PDA divers this weekend at the Mission Viejo Meet!

cold and rainey you guys did amazing!

Ryan N 3rd on 1m

Ryan A 2nd on 1m

Nicholas 6th on 1m

Will 3rd on 1m

Aaron 6th on 3m

Ryan A 1st on 3m

Luke 3rd on 1m

chase 5th on 1m

Zoe 1st On 3m!

  • November 27,2012


PDA will have a special New Years Eve Parents night out!

Sign up to hold your spot! 6-2am!

$25 per person! $20 per sibling! $60 family rate!

Includes pizza and drink! Play from 6-11

bring comfy clothes;movie will be shown on big wall from 11-2!

Parents enjoy your New Years Eve and let your children bring in the New Year at PDA!

  • November 27, 2012


Congratulations to all our girls at State !!!! Good job girls !!!

 Ally is the level 6 AA State Champion! 



Jeanelle Vigil Level 5 Floor State Champion!


  • November 11, 2012

State Championships will be November 16 - 18. They will be held at the Pasadena Convention Center

Address: 300 E. Green Street

              Pasadena, CA 91101


Level 6's will compete Friday November 16, 2012

Open warm up: 6:00 pm

Awards: 8:50 pm


Level 5's will compete Saturday

Ages 10A, 10B, 11B       Warm up: 8:00am

                                     Awards: 11:50 am

Ages 11A, 12,13+            Warm-up: 12:00 pm

                                     Awards: 3:40 pm

Ages 7, 8, 9A, 9B           Warm up: 3:45 pm

                                     Awards: 6:50 pm


Level 4's will compete Saturday

Ages 11, 12, 13+            Warm up: 7:00 pm

                                       Awards: 9:30 pm

Rest of Level 4's will compete Sunday:

Ages 6, 7A, 7B               Warm Up: 11:45 am

                                    Awards: 3:10 pm

Ages 8A, 8B, 10A           Warm up: 3:15 pm

                                     Awards: 6:10 pm

Ages 8C, 8D, 10B           Warm up: 6:15 pm

                                     Awards 9:00 pm


Good Luck to all our Girls !!! You could do it!!!!!!

  • October 30,2012

Sectionals are November 3rd and 4th. they are going to be held at American Kids Sports Center

Address: 3622 Allen Rd

Bakersfield, CA 93314


Our level 4's will compete Saturday Nov 3rd

Ages 10, 12 - older   compete 8:45 - 10:17 am

Age 8                       compete 2:50 - 4:43

age 6,7                     compete 6:08 - 7:46 pm


Our level 5's & 6's will compete Sunday November 4th

Ages 7-8, 10, 13 - older    Compete  8:45- 11:03

Ages 9, 11, 12                   Compete 12:30 - 3:06

Level 6 all ages                 Compete 4:30 - 7:00


Good luck to all our girls!!!


  • October 30, 2012

Wear your Halloween Costume between Oct 23rd – 30th to PDA

Stop by the front desk and get your picture taken and each participant will receive a free item from the snack bar.

Nov 1st we will pick the Grand Prize winner and they will receive a $10 PDA card. so until then stop by the front desk and vote for your favorite one!


  • October 7, 2012

            CONGRATS!!!!!! to Ena Pejovski for winning the All Around at the OC Classic this weekend

  • September 9,2012

             Results for Level 6:            
            Gymnast Level Vault Bars Beam Floor All Around Vault Place Bars Place Beam Place Floor Place AA Place Age Group Age Group Place Grade Comments            
            Markes, H. 6 9.150 8.900 9.050 9.275 36.375           
            Kwan, A. 6 9.250 8.900 8.450 9.200 35.800         
             Pereza, E. 6 7.200 6.350 8.325 8.550 30.425

  • September 9, 2012 All our Level 5's qualified for sectionals at the Judges cup in Van Nays

           Gymnast Level Vault Bars Beam Floor All Around Vault Place Bars Place Beam Place Floor Place AA Place Age Group Age Group Place Grade Comments      
             Lendesma, N. 5 8.750 9.125 8.950 9.000 35.825         
             Mendoza, A. 5 8.600 8.975 9.000 9.200 35.775            
             Wright, S. 5 8.900 9.250 8.200 8.800 35.150             
            LaHaye, C. 5 8.400 9.250 8.625 8.850 35.
            Vigil, J. 5 8.250 8.675 8.475 9.200 34.600           
            Gomez, K. 5 8.650 9.325 7.650 8.925 34.550          
           Wright, S. 5 8.700 8.200 7.975 8.700 33.575       
           Casica, J. 5 8.400 8.450 7.900 8.825 33.575   
           Whitcomb, K. 5 7.700 8.325 7.550 8.000 31.575
           Bales, K. 5 8.150 0.000 8.725 7.950 24.825

  • September 5, 2012

           Benise Concert

  • August 27, 2012 Lexi Geiger and Alejandra Gomez are featured in the Orange County Register. It's an article worth reading-Check it out!

"Fullerton Resident Has Sights on 2012 Olympics"

  • August 13,2012  LAST CHANCE to buy your tickets for the Kellogg's Tour of Champions!!! Dont miss this opportunity to see the Fierce 5 Gold Medal Gymnasts and also the Mens gymnastics team. $35 a ticket. At the Staples Center Sept. 15th at 7:30 pm. Must buy by 10 pm tonight @ PDA!!!!
    Call 562-229-1927 or go online and use our PayPal. just let us know what the payment is for.
    Dont Miss this opportunity!!!     


  • August 6, 2012           To finish out the USA Junior Nationals, Micah finished 12th on 3m boys 11 & under, and Alejandra & Lexi finished 25th in the 16-18 girls syncro


  • August 3, 2012         WOW..... PDA divers are putting on an amazing competition at AAU & USA Nationals. Micah placed 2nd @ usa age group nationals boys 11 & under 1m!!!!!!!!!


  • August 2, 2012      Alejandra Gomez - USA National Age Group Champion 3m !!!! Congrats!!!! We are so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!


  • July 30, 2012       Parents Night Out is this Saturday!!!! Drop your kids off from 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm and enjoy a night out!!! They will recieve two pieces of pizza and a drink. Prices before 3pm: $15 per child if on list and paid / $10 sibling; Family Rate = $40. At the door: $20 for 1st child/ $15 sibling. Hope to see you here!


  • July 26,2012       Congrats to Prestin & Aaron who captured the silver in Boys 13 & under 3m syncro. Also in the individual event Aaron placed 4th and Prestin placed 6th on 3m.


  • July 26,2012      Congrats to Alejandra Gomez who is the National Champion in 14 - 15 girls 3m. We are proud of you !!!


  • July 26, 2012      Congrats to Janicia and Rebekah who won the gold in 14-15 girls syncro! we are proud of you girls!!


  • July 26, 2012    Chase placed 5th in boys 11 & under 1m at AAU!


  • July 26, 2012       Janicia- 5th  Alejandra- 6th   Rebekah- 11th  at AAU NAtionals in 14-15 1m event !


  • July 26, 2012    Alejandra Gomez and Lexi Geiger captured the gold im 3m syncro


  • July 25,2012       Prestin placed 4th and Aaron 6th on Boys 13 & under 1m


  • July 25, 2012 Adriane and Alyson Tam capture the silver medal in the 13&under girls 3m event at the AAU Nationals in Huntersville, North Carolina!


  • July 24,2012   Show your Olympic Spirit. July 27 - Aug 3 stop by the Front Desk in your best Olympic dress & spirit and receive a free $5.00 snack card! ( 1 per athlete) GO USA !!


  • July 23, 2012 Good Luck Divers headed to Nationals! Go PDA


  • July 22, 2012 Congrats Ariana Mendoza for gymnast of the Region 1 Compulsory clinic in Long Beach